Discussing the Difference Between Teeth Cleaning and Teeth Whitening

1 March 2024
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Teeth cleaning and teeth whitening sound similar, but they serve different purposes. Both are dental treatments often used for resolving cosmetic and gum issues. A dental professional suggests a teeth whitening process when your teeth have tough stains on your teeth. The duration of teeth whitening treatment is hardly completed in just one or two appointments by visiting the dentist’s clinic.

Teeth cleaning and teeth whitening sound similar but entirely different from each other and their purpose. Dental professionals use these effective methods to cure cosmetic issues, making teeth more appealing and shiny. On the other hand, teeth cleaning allows professionals to eliminate plaque and tartar accumulating from the surfaces of your teeth. Both dental treatments effectively radiant your smile and boost confidence. The teeth cleaning dental process reduces the risk of tooth decay, gum disease and spreading infection to some extent when taken on time. People with misaligned or crooked teeth and looking for straightening teeth schedule an appointment with an orthodontist with expertise in dental braces Singapore.

Teeth Cleaning Vs Teeth Whitening

Teeth cleaning is also referred to as dental prophylaxis. You must visit the dentist’s clinic frequently for routine checkups. They eliminate tartar, plaque and tough stains over the surface of your teeth and gum line.

On the other hand, teeth whitening comes under a cosmetic dental procedure aiming to lighten the teeth’s yellowness and remove tough stains or discolouration.


Teeth cleaning Singapore primary purpose is to eliminate the tartar and plaque build-up in between the space of teeth, enhancing the risk of developing tooth decay, severe gum diseases and other oral health issues. This process helps maintain healthy gums and renders fresh breath.

Dental hygienists use special tools and techniques during teeth whitening treatment. As a result, it makes teeth more whiter and shiner. Visit the dentist for getting the treatment of Teeth whitening singapore.


Dental specialists utilise dental tools to eliminate plaque and tartar that collects between teeth during teeth cleaning treatment. They can also perform teeth scaling and polishing to eliminate extrinsic tough stains available on the outer surface of the teeth. Teeth scaling and polishing make the tooth surface smooth.

The teeth whitening process can be performed either at home or underneath the care of a dentist. Individuals in teeth whitening treatment often use custom-fitted trays, whitening gels, kits or pens to get instant results in the shine and smile of teeth. Dental hygienists apply hydrogen peroxide or bleaching agents to the teeth, activated through a special light or laser. Affected individuals can use custom-made trays at home with whitening gel for a specified period each day.


Dental hygienists recommend teeth cleaning and whitening every six months to protect against complex dental issues. Furthermore, routine dental checks help to maintain oral healthcare. People with gum disease or other dental problems may need to visit the dentist more frequently.


This guide contains information about teeth cleaning and teeth whitening. Dental hygienists use dental therapies to sustain oral health care and maintain natural teeth. You must opt for teeth cleaning when dealing with infection and tooth decay. However, teeth whitening is perfect for individuals with tough stains and yellowish teeth. If you want to straighten your teeth and opt for dental braces, it is better to clarify all your doubts about braces singapore cost.

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