Does Fixing An Overbite Change Face Shape?

22 December 2022
overbite before and after

True, overbite correction may transform your face shape, and Overbites may offer an asymmetric look to the patients. Although they may cause discomfort initially and affect speech making dentures wear difficult.

Patients can fix their overbites issues with braces or surgical methods to move the upper jaw position and fix the teeth in the correct place. An orthodontist will recommend the most suitable treatment depending on the seriousness of the overbite. Get metal braces for missing teeth to fix the overbite issue.

What is An Overbite?

Overbite causes the extension of the lower jaw beyond the upper front teeth. Such bite issues develop due to the improper growth of the upper jaw or missing teeth. As a result, it affects the size and position of your teeth, which may cause permanent damage to the muscles and gums.

Additionally, an overbite may cause difficulty while wearing dentures. Therefore, your orthodontist may recommend braces for overbite correction or surgery to bring teeth and jaw in the correct position.

What Causes Overbite?

When the upper jaw is smaller, or you have missing adult teeth, you are prone to have overbites. Overbite can develop if the child’s lower front teeth develop bigger than their upper cousin’s or the lower lip’s appearance is too small. Dentists can’t treat them with braces if they have overbite due to missing teeth.

Why Overbite Correction?

Overbite can cause gum disease, tooth wear, slurred speech, jaw pain, etc. Patients can experience anxiety or depression, or self-consciousness as they appear ugly. Moreover, overbites may lead to severe oral issues like gum diseases.

Dentists may recommend dark blue braces, retainers, and Invisalign aligners.

What are the main Overbite Treatment Options?

Overbite treatment depends on the severity of the overbite and the tooth or jaw structure alteration.

For instance, an overbite may result due to crowded teeth. If the patient is a kid, dentists may remove them by removing them, allowing the patient to have aligned teeth.

Some treatment options include:


Braces are one of the trendy orthodontist treatments as they can straighten teeth by removing spaces between teeth and maintaining the position of the lower jaw. Dentists can recommend braces treatment to correct an overbite. However, they do not recommend fixed braces to change the appearance of the face.

Two types of braces are used to correct overbites; Invisalign and metal braces.

Metal braces:

The most typical and classic kinds of braces are made of metal. Metal braces consist of metal frames and dental ceramic brackets. Tightening or loosening these metal wires with tiny screw-like mechanisms changes the teeth’ position. The procedure can eventually fix both severe overbites and underbites.

Clear Braces:

Flexible thermoplastic material makes clear plastic aligners, often known as Invisalign. They progressively realign your teeth, so they are in a straighter position over time. They offer a substitute for metal braces and let you straighten your teeth without feeling self-conscious.


If straightening teeth with braces is not an option, the overbite can be fixed surgically. The length of the procedure will depend on the type of overbite surgery you require and your bone condition.

Schedule an appointment with your orthodontist to know your options. You can also see overbite before and after images to be sure about the treatment.


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