How Do Braces Fix Overbites In Children And Adults?

15 February 2023
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Overbite is a common issue that can occur in children and adults. This is the condition in which the upper jaw is incorrectly aligned with the lower jaw, thus causing dental problems. This can cause severe oral issues like gum disease, tooth infection, tooth decay, etc. Causing the upper teeth to overlap the lower front teeth.

Due to an overbite, brushing can’t be done correctly, making the mouth a bin of dental problems. Visit your orthodontist to achieve a beautiful smile overbite braces. Discuss your issues, and your dentist will recommend the best treatment.

What Causes an Overbite?

Many people get an overbite while others don’t because some have jaws that are deformed from birth and develop unevenly. Others may have too significant or tiny jaws for their teeth at birth, which can cause crowding, wide gaps between teeth, and an overbite. Thus it is more likely that if parents require orthodontic treatment for an overbite, their children can also need treatment for the same issues.

After age five, a youngster who sucks their thumb, finger, or both is at risk of moving the front teeth and jawbone forward. Thumb sucking or finger can cause the bottom teeth to push back and bone back. You should encourage your child to stop that habit at 5, and teaching them to develop good habits is necessary.

Some people may develop an overbite if they have no sign of thumb sucking; it can still grow as a teen or adult. Other habits, such as chewing fingernails, biting pen constantly, or losing teeth, can cause an overbite later.

Also, ask for braces cost in miami if there are chances to have insurance for the treatment.

Do Braces Fix An Overbite?

Braces can solve the issues, and many orthodontists recommend braces to fix a misaligned jaw because braces can effectively treat overbite issues.

So how do braces fix an overbite? Your dentist will first examine your mouth and may take X-rays of your teeth and jaw. X-rays allow the dentist to examine your mouth, look for the concern, and determine which treatment suits you best. Then your dentist will see if braces can fix the issues; if yes, your dentist will recommend braces.

This process will involve metal brackets surrounding your teeth to the top and bottom teeth and then connecting them with wires, which are adjusted to straighten the teeth. Your dentist will call you often to adjust the wires. Once your teeth are straightened, fixing the overbite follows.

Some treatment options are used with braces.

Rubber bands:

Rubber bands are attached to the upper and lower dental brackets to add additional pressure on the teeth. You can also remove these bands often while eating or brushing your teeth. Ask your orthodontist to show you how to attach them for the best results.

Palatal expander:

Your dentist may use a palatal expander if the upper jaw is too small or overcrowded. The expander will open up slowly and widens the palate in the following weeks or months.

Tooth extraction:

Your dentist may suggest tooth extraction if overcrowding is a significant problem. The orthodontist may recommend tooth extraction to create more space in the mouth.

Jaw surgery:

Surgery may be needed to position the jaw correctly. However, jaw surgery is usually recommended in more severe overbite cases.

You can also look for overbite before and after braces images to ensure that the dentist is good at treating overbite issues.

In Conclusion:

To know more about braces, you should schedule an appointment with your kid’s orthodontist near me. It is better to treat the issues before they become more severe. Contact and visit your dentist soon if your child has an overbite issue.

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