How long do crowns last?

16 July 2020

Have you ever broken or chipped your teeth? The broken teeth impact the overall appearance of a person. This is why people with broken teeth visit an emergency dentist near me to get the issue treated. Upon visiting the dentist office near me, the people are advised to opt for dental crowns. Orthodontist near me states that dental crowns not just a cover for the broken or chipped teeth; instead, they also help in improving the functionality of the jaw.

What are dental crowns?

Tooth crowns are tooth-shaped caps that the dentist place over the existing damaged teeth to enhance the appearance. The caps are also placed on top of the teeth to protect it from further decay and degradation.

Dentist state that the crown caps are used when the tooth gets cracked, worn down or decayed. The caps are also used to cover the discoloured and maligned tooth. When the dental implants or fillings do not work in healing a damaged or decayed tooth in such cases, the dental crowns come to aid. The dental crowns are also the economical replacement of the porcelain veneers, which are on the expensive front. The tooth crowns are made of materials that blend seamlessly with the teeth this providing a natural appearance. However, just like other dental procedures, these also tend to wear down with time and need restorations. Emergency dentist state that regular dental visit helps in increasing the lifespan of the dental crowns.

What is the average lifespan of dental crowns?

Periodontitis state that the dental crowns with proper care tend to last up to 15 years. With regular dental visits, the crows tend to last for another five more years. The crown comes with a warranty of five years, and the insurance companies also pay for crown replacement after five years. For some patients, the crowns tend to last for a lifetime. Cavities and fractures impact the crowns. However, extra care with flossing and brushing tends to increases its lifespan.

On average, dental crowns last between five and 15 years. The life span of a crown depends on the amount of wear and tear the crown takes, how well you follow good oral hygiene practices and your mouth-related habits. To increase the lifespan of the dental crowns, one needs to avoid the patterns of grinding teeth, clenching teeth, chewing ice, biting fingernails and using of the teeth for opening sealed packages.

What are the ways of protecting dental crowns?

According to dental offices experts, there are several ways of protecting the dental crown. Here is a list of the common ways in which the dental crowns can last longer.

• Practise right oral hygiene habits like flossing and regular brushing
• Wear custom made night guards if you have the habit of clenching or grinding teeth
• Avoid biting hard objects
• Provide special attention to the location where your gum line meets the crown while brushing.
• Make regular visits to the dentist to maintain the health of the crowns.
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