How to Maintain the Color of Braces and Prevent Staining

17 May 2024
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Braces are an age-old technique for improving your smile and straightening your teeth. It is one of the best ways to straighten your teeth. Braces involve metal wires, brackets, and rubber bands. With braces, you can choose the color of braces rubber bands, like sky blue light blue braces, or orange and purple. With so many colors, you can choose the one that matches your personality. How can you prevent staining on your braces? In this article, you will learn tips for maintaining your braces’ color.

Tips To Follow To Avoid Braces Color Staining

Brush After Every Meal

Brushing your teeth regularly to remove all the food stuck in your teeth is recommended. Brushing your teeth 2 times a day is essential for proper oral health. But when you wear braces, you must clean your mouth after every meal you have. Improper teeth cleaning can cause stains on your braces. Brushing removes all the debris and prevents your braces from stains. Also, it will keep your teeth bright. If you are a student and after lunchtime, you can’t brush your teeth, ensure that you swish your mouth with water 2 to 3 times to remove the remaining food particles from your teeth. Ask your aventura orthodontist for the best toothpaste and brush to use.

Avoid Eating or Drinking continuously

You may like eating and drinking a lot, but for your mouth with braces, it is not good. Your normal pH level (acidity level) of your mouth is 7. If it goes below it, your mouth will be more susceptible to germs and bacteria. Having breaks between every meal is important so your mouth returns to its normal pH level. This is important to reduce the chances of cavities to develop. Cavities develop when the pH is below 7, and after eating, the pH level goes down to 7. You need to stop eating just after a meal to return to the normal level.

Avoid Sugary Foods and Drinks

Sugary food and drinks are not your best friend, so avoid them when you are wearing braces. These drinks have enough sugar to stain your teeth and braces. However, you must know that having moderate amounts of sugar is good. Sugar is the main reason for many people’s tooth damage, and when wearing braces, you must avoid sugary products. Drinking or eating sugary foods can make your braces more susceptible to stains.

Not only are foods considered “sugary,” but starchy foods like potatoes, rice, and bread also contain sugar. So, avoid sugary foods; if you eat them, ensure you clean your mouth properly.

Colorful Foods

Yes, colorful foods can also leave stains on your teeth and braces.

Depending on which ones you eat, colorful food can contribute to tooth decay, plaque accumulation, or an acidic oral environment. Red and yellow foods are more likely to stain ceramic braces than metal ones. However, they can still discolor teeth and braces brackets if ingested regularly. You can change the color from the braces colors palette again, but avoiding foods that can cause stains to your teeth and braces is better.

In general, foods with high color or rich hues that should be consumed less often are:

  • Beets
  • Berries, including blueberries, blackberries, and cherries
  • Currants
  • Juice of grapes and pomegranates
  • Red wine
  • Tomatoes
  • Mustard
  • Drinking Coffee

Summing Up:

By avoiding all these mistakes, you can keep your teeth and brace bands stain-free. For more information about which food to avoid and eat, you can talk to your orthodontist North Miami Beach.

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