How To Manage The Pain After A Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedure?

9 May 2022
wisdom teeth removal

Ice packs or cold compresses are the main ways to reduce swelling and manage pain for wisdom teeth removal recovery. You can also take pain relief medications. Avoid putting ice directly on your face to avoid the ice burn. They’ll also suggest whether you should take prescription or over-the-counter drugs.

You can also take antibiotic medicines to help in the healing process. It is to avoid illnesses while your mouth is susceptible to bacteria. Make sure you finish the antibiotic treatment as your dentist prescribes.

What are the home care methods for quick wisdom teeth recovery?

Taking the good and proper care of your oral health is very important for wisdom teeth recovery. And to avoid the risk of getting infections or complications. After surgery, your dentist or orthodontist will give you specific advice on cleaning and preserving your mouth. It may be the only time your orthodontic experts advise you to skip brushing or flossing for the entire day.

Below are some cleaning instructions.

  • To keep the wound infection-free and clean, rinse it with saltwater. Rinse without spitting out the saltwater. Instead, put your lips over the sink and let the water drain.
  • After surgery, you will be able to resume your daily routine within a day or two. Next week, take care not to dislodge your blood clot or stitches.
  • To absorb excess blood on the wound, dab gently with ensure fasterwisdom teeth healing

The blood clot over your wisdom teeth hole covers and cures the surgical wound like any clot or scab. If the wound or blood clot dislodges, you’ll be more pain and discomfort and at a higher risk of infection. A problem with dry sockets is when a wound or blood clot dislodges. A dry socket can occur in any or all of the surgical wound holes.

What can we do for long-term wisdom tooth recovery?

Most people completely recover from wisdom teeth removal surgery in three to four days. If your teeth are impacted or come out at a weird angle, it might take longer than a week to recover. According to wisdom teeth recovery time, the wound left behind after the removal procedure won’t heal entirely for months. So there’s a possibility of getting an infection even after a few weeks of surgery. The dentist near me suggests taking care of yourself and paying close attention to any signs of trouble. Some swelling, pain, and bleeding are normal after wisdom teeth removal. If the pain or bleeding is continuous and extreme, contact your dentist.

Your symptoms should significantly improve by the third day after surgery. Within a week of wisdom teeth surgery, all discomfort and bleeding should be gone. You can resume your daily activities and lifestyle the day after wisdom teeth removal surgery, but avoiding any activity can affect the blood clot or stitches on the wound.


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