How yoga can enrich and uplift your life with positive practice

15 February 2021

Yoga is an ancient Indian wellness system and lifestyle. Yoga has been used to help people to attain love, healing, peace, and a stress-free life for thousands of years. The simple practices that yoga can offer you will open you up to the possibility of managing your life in an optimistic positive manner . Yoga will reduce the negative impacts that our busy lives can cause and offer the opportunity to lead a more harmonious and joyful existence.

Sometimes extreme mental or physical endeavors, depression, and insufficient sleep, adversely impact peoples lives. Yoga teaches you to listen to your body and still the mind and heal. To work from an intuitive and deeply connected place. Connected to yourself.

Yoga Waiheke  will help you to learn specific yoga postures that will enhance energy, help with sleep, strengthen your body and increase your flexibility. These yoga postures help to boost your immunity improving energy flow, release emotion and bring about an overall sense of wellness.

It is well known that the mind, body, and spirit all play a significant role together in the health of the individual. Yoga Waiheke Islandpromotes health and wellness in all aspects of the self, working to create a sense of ease and union within the whole body . When the mind and body are stable and well one can discover their own divine nature through yoga with ease.

Physical benefits

Yoga helps your physical body in too many ways to mention them all. But a few major ways are that it increases Muscular Strength,

postures provide relaxation and can aid in relieving chronic pain like back pain. It helps to reduce high blood pressure problems and decrease insomnia and increases bone density. Boosts immunity, strengthens the heart and lungs and improves their function. Increases your energy, improves digestion, gut and intestinal health  and stabilise your metabolism to mention a few.

Mental benefits

Apart from the physical benefits, yoga helps to relieve stress and still the mind. Science is telling us the up to 90% of all illnesses are related to stress and poor mental and emotional health. Yoga is the number one self wellness practise that equips you with the tools to ease your mind and stress.

If you practice yoga regularly, it will help to clear your consciousness and improve  your mental health. Also, it helps to sharpen concentration and brings clarity .

So, if you are wanting  to increase body flexibility and muscle strength, maintain a healthy metabolism, reduce weight loss, lessen stress, sharpen the mind. join yoga classes today. 

PREMA AT THE HEART OF YOGA aims to help you to maintain a beautiful relationship with yourself. Love yourself and you will love everybody. We help you to maintain self-care, self-satisfaction, and self-appreciation so that you can find the true love of your life. Our yoga practices teach you to connect with your soul so that you can know yourself inside and outside and show you how beautiful you are. Moreover, our yoga practices will help you to awaken your own divine power to maintain the inner peace of your highest consciousness.

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