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Why Do Dentists Employ Dental Implants?

6 February 2023

Dental implants support restorations for missing teeth, acting as replacement tooth roots and reducing or halting jaw bone erosion. While considered a prosthetic dental procedure, implantation is also considered an aesthetic dental procedure. People with missing teeth could have trouble smiling...

Why Do Dental Experts Perform Dental Implant Surgery?

3 October 2022

In dental implant surgery, tooth roots are replaced with metal posts that resemble screws and are damaged, or replace a missing tooth with prosthetic teeth that resemble natural teeth in appearance and function. According to a dentist open on weekends...

What Are The Types Of Dental Implants?

8 July 2022

Dental Implants Houston is made up of pure titanium material. They are pretty small and well fitted into your bone and have the same functionality as natural teeth. Dental implants can replace tooth loss or knock and chipped teeth. Types...

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