Why Do Dental Experts Perform Dental Implant Surgery?

3 October 2022
Dental Implant Surgery

In dental implant surgery, tooth roots are replaced with metal posts that resemble screws and are damaged, or replace a missing tooth with prosthetic teeth that resemble natural teeth in appearance and function. According to a dentist open on weekends near me, when insufficient natural tooth roots allow for the construction of dentures or bridgework tooth replacements, dental implant surgery can provide a welcome alternative.

According to a walk-in dentist near me, the implant used and your jawbone’s health will determine how they perform the procedure. It could involve multiple methods in dental implant surgery. The main benefit of dental implants is a reliable support for your new teeth and ensuring that the bone around the implant heals securely. The jaw bone might take several months to recover since it needs time.

Are there any risks associated with it?

Dental implant surgery poses some complications and risks like any other dental surgical procedure. Although problems are rare, they are usually minor and manageable. The risks of dental implants near me may include

  • Damage or injuries surrounding the bones and structures, such as teeth or blood vessels
  • Infection at the implant site
  • Damage to the nerves that control your natural teeth, gums, lips, and chin may result in pain, numbness, or tingling.
  • When dental implants in the upper jaw intrude into a sinus cavity, it might cause sinus issues.

How do dentists evaluate and prepare for the dental implant procedure?

You must undergo a complete evaluation to prepare for the operation because dental implants Houston need one or more surgical procedures. It includes a:

  • Detailed dental examination.
  • Houston dentist may also create dental X-rays, 3D photographs, and your teeth and jaw models.
  • Review your medical background.

You should discuss any medical or health issues you have, along with any prescription, OTC, and dietary supplement use, with your doctor. Also, the 24-hour emergency dentist near me might advise taking antibiotics before surgery to help avoid infection if you have specific cardiac issues or orthopedic implants.

Treatment plan

An affordable dentist near me will customize the treatment plan according to your specific dental requirements and condition. The treatment plan also includes factors like the number of teeth they need to replace and the condition of the remaining teeth and jaw bone.

Does the dental implant procedure require anesthesia?

Local anesthesia, sedation, or general anesthesia are anesthetic alternatives to manage pain during surgery. The ideal choice for you should be discussed with your dentist office near me with your dentist specialist. Depending on the anesthesia you’ll receive, your dental care team will advise you on what food to consume before the surgery. Plan to have a driver or someone drive you home following surgery if you’re under sedation or general anesthesia and anticipate needing to rest the rest of the day.

What should you expect?

They often conduct dental implant surgery as a series of outpatient treatments with recovery time. There are several steps involved in installing a dental implant, including:

  • Removal of the damaged tooth.
  • Jawbone grafting, if necessary.
  • Dental implant placement
  • Abutment placement
  • Bone healing and growth
  • Artificial teeth placement


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