What Are Orthodontic Emergencies?

14 March 2022

Although orthodontic emergencies are rare, some problems can occur every once in a while, so when something goes wrong with your braces or aligners any orthodontic treatment, the most important thing to remember is not to panic. Think carefully about your next step and choose the best solution possible. The problems may not come at the best time (like on Monday to Friday perhaps). In times of orthodontic emergency, your first step should be searching for the best orthodontist near me.  Given below are some of the most common minor issues and how to handle them with ease.

What is considered true Orthodontic emergencies?

True Orthodontic emergencies are those whose treatment can’t be delayed. They are much more severe than minor orthodontic issues and need prompt treatment. This means you might need to book orthodontist Saturday appointments as you can’t wait for the weekdays to get it treated and have to make a special visit to the orthodontist that are open on Saturdays as soon as possible. These more serious issues are

  • Infections, which causes swelling to the face and mouth
  • Severe pain in mouth or face
  • Trauma or injuries to the teeth
  • Excessive bleeding after braces
  • Painful oral sores or lesions

In true orthodontic emergencies, the help of a skilled and experienced orthodontist is required who is knowledgeable enough to tackle any serious orthodontic issue. Especially if you have injuries on your face and jaw.

How do Orthodontists handle Emergency cases?

In the case of an emergency, any good orthodontist will make time for you to treat your issue even if it’s Saturday. If you have an orthodontic emergency then you can find an orthodontist open on Saturday near me and resolve your braces issues. Getting your orthodontist involved as soon as possible is crucial for the success of what comes next. An emergency orthodontist open Saturday can promptly provide you treatment and prescribe medication to lessen your pain and swelling and reduce the risk of infection.

How to avoid potential Orthodontic emergencies?

The best way to prevent an orthodontic emergency is to maintain your oral hygiene. And have routine check-ups with your local orthodontist. During these dental visits, the orthodontist checks the signs of tooth decay, a loose filling, or crown as well as gum diseases. Even after all this if you experience any severe pain, or swelling then without wasting any time you should look for an orthodontist near me on Saturday. The orthodontist can make a custom treatment plan to handle these problems before they evolve into an emergency.

Is there any orthodontist open on Saturday near me?

Yes, in times of emergency, you can visit the orthodontists on Saturday or Sunday.  Some dental clinics and hospitals open exclusively on Saturdays due to increasing emergency cases on weekends such as Orthodontist Hallandale fl. Though these dental clinics that work on weekends are rare, they are the best solution for those who are unable to visit during weekdays. Saturday orthodontist near me provides emergency treatments which include tooth extraction, dental implants, broken or crowded teeth, severe swelling, and pain.


In the above Matter, we discussed Orthodontic emergencies and the Orthodontists open on saturdays, Emergency orthodontic treatment, and more. To know more please contact Ivanovortho.com

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