What Are The Beneficial things We Should Know About Braces?

23 May 2022
comfort dental braces

According to pediatric dentists Miami fl, braces are the dental tools that help correct teeth problems. It helps correct problems like teeth misalignment, crowding, or crooked teeth. Most people get braces during their teenage, but adults can get them too. Comfort dental braces put pressure on your teeth, causing them to slowly straighten your teeth so you can have a normal bite. Some people also get braces to improve and adjust their smiles.

Suppose you have crooked teeth or have bite issues like overbite, underbite, crossbite, etc. In that case, braces and retainers can help you effectively correct those issues. Many general dentists can do basic tooth alignment and handle other dental abnormalities, but orthodontists specialize in teeth correction. A trained orthodontist has 2 to 3 years of advanced orthodontic education and training.

The Miami children dentist or orthodontist you may choose will do clinical exams and ask questions regarding your health. They may also take a digital scan of your teeth and an x-ray of your mouth and head. Based on these pieces of information, they’ll come up with a treatment plan.

What are the various types of braces?

According to a dentist for braces near me, braces are the most effective and popular way to correct misaligned bites and straighten teeth of children. Nowadays, there are many options available in braces. If braces are the solution for you, the dentist or orthodontist may prescribe braces according to your needs.

The braces may consist of bands, brackets, wires, and other removable and permanent corrective appliances. Braces come in various color options. Also, your dentist will show you the braces color wheel, which contains all brace’s color options. You can choose whichever color you prefer.

Ceramic braces

The brackets of braces are now available in tooth-colored ceramic. So you may not notice them as much. They are also available in a transparent material, stainless steel, or gold.

Traditional metal braces

Metal braces are the most common type. They consist of brackets and wires that attach to the front of your teeth or bands that wrap around each tooth, and flexible wires or archwires that connect the brackets or bands. Rubber bands or metal ties connect the brackets to the wire in some braces.

Lingual braces

They attach the brackets of these braces to the back of y6our teeth, facing the tongue. Because they are at the back of your teeth, they are not easily visible.

Clear aligners

Clear aligners are translucent plastic trays that fit over your teeth comfortably. They gently reposition your teeth into the proper places and straighten your smile by using pressure. You can remove the clear aligners to sleep, eat, brush, or floss, but you must wear your clear teeth aligners for 20 to 22 hours a day to be effective. The orthodontist may affix tooth-colored attachments to your teeth to keep the aligners in place.


We hope the above-given information helps you understand braces and their uses more. This article discusses the types of dental braces and the beneficial things to know about braces. For further details regarding braces, please visit ivanovortho.com.

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