What Do You Understand By The Root Canal Procedure?

26 March 2022
root canal

To remove the nerve in the root of the tooth or the infected pulp from the mouth the endodontist performs the root canal procedure. The dentists then shape and clean the inside of the root canal and then after filling up the canal they seal the space. After then the endodontists place the artificial crown on the tooth to restore and protect it to its original function. It is a straightforward process to save your teeth and relieve you from pain.

How do endodontists perform a root canal?

If your tooth is severely damaged or decayed but can be saved then the dentists suggest root canal treatment. The procedure of the root canal is relatively simple, infected pulp needs to be cleaned out and the space or canal inside the tooth needs to be filled.

Dentists begin by numbing the area by injecting the numbing agent. Into the tooth roots and gums.

Next, to access the root canals and pulp chamber the endodontist drills through the tooth. To clean out the pulp chamber and root canal the dentist uses various instruments. An antiseptic and antibacterial solution is used to disinfect and clean the canals. The endodontist at the dentist office near me fills up the canal and seals it to keep bacteria out. The doctor needs to place a crown if the tooth is severely damaged

How long is the root canal procedure and recovery?

If you want to know, how long does a root canal take? Then Generally, the root canal treatment takes around 30 to 60 minutes. If the case is more complex or the tooth is severely damaged then it might take 90 minutes or more. The recovery period of root canal treatment lasts less than a week. Slight discomfort and pain may last longer than a week but they can be managed with the help of medication. Consult with your dentist if the pain or swelling doesn’t go away even after taking medicines.

Until the procedure of root canal is finished, with a crown or a permanent filling placed, try to avoid eating and chewing with that tooth or teeth. This will help in keeping the area cleaned and also prevent the fragile tooth or teeth from breaking before they can be restored fully.

Is root canal procedure costly?

The root canal cost depends on how severe your case is and on the affected tooth. Not including the dental restoration after the procedure for the broken tooth and just the root canal procedure itself performed by the endodontist or a general dentist may cost around between $500 to $1,000. Some dental insurance policies may cover the cost to some extent which could be a big help. The fee charged by a professional endodontist maybe fifty percent higher than a general dentist.


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