What Importance Does Nance Appliances Have In Dentistry?

8 December 2022
nance appliance

Nance appliance or holding appliances are just one of many orthodontic appliances. A nance appliance effectively stops your teeth from rotating or shifting, allowing space for teeth to grow correctly and bringing perfect smiles!

Orthodontic experts use this appliance for moving forward or rotating crowded teeth issues during orthodontic treatment. Many patients wear the nance appliance to let their permanent premolars appear in their exact place.

This appliance helps keep your teeth growing in their position, but you also need to take care of the appliance. You have to avoid all sticky food that can make it lose, the appliance has two bands cemented on the first molars, and a wire is attached to help traverse the upper surface of the mouth with one molar attached to the other.

If you feel or notice any part of the appliance is loose, you should contact or visit your dentist; poor odor from the mouth or bad taste is also not a good sign. Visit biscayne park orthodontist for a check-up.

When does Nance Appliance is used?

The appliance is mainly used for children’s treatment until the child’s permanent premolars come into their position. Mainly the treatment is used in the following cases:

After the removal of the tooth

Tooth extraction is mainly recommended when there is no space for the teeth to grow in a straight, healthy alignment. In the case where a top tooth, canine, in front of your molars is extracted, in this situation, a nance appliance is the best space maintainer!

It helps prevent the upper molars from moving forward when undergoing orthodontic treatment to fix your overcrowded front teeth problem.

Adjusting molars

The appliance is helpful as it is easy to expand and rotate your upper molars. When you have crooked teeth, it affects your bite by putting more pressure on the nearby teeth, and this causes the lower teeth to move slightly. Orthodontists Miami, fl, suggests appliance work great in this case.

Caring for your Nance Appliance

If you wear a nance appliance, caring is also necessary. You have to pay extra attention to the area where it is placed behind your teeth. Your gums can easily be irritated by the appliance so take special care of this place while brushing your teeth.

It is essential to maintain good oral hygiene as the nance appliance is attached to your teeth and the upper surface of your mouth.

Here are some tips on caring for your nance appliance:

  • Drink enough water before and after every meal. Always clean your mouth by flushing water to remove all the leftover particles in your teeth and appliance.
  • Brush gently your teeth, gums, and appliances 3-4 times daily with fluoride toothpaste. Use a soft bristle toothbrush to keep your teeth happy and healthy.
  • Floss appropriately after your last meal of the day. You can easily use a Waterpik to floss around your nance appliance and remove all the plaque. If you keep your appliance happy, you will suffer less discomfort.

In Conclusion:

Maintaining good hygiene can give you a happy smile. Visit the best orthodontist in Miami if you find difficulty or lose part of the appliance. Book an appointment as soon as possible!


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