What is a Nance Appliance?

11 October 2022
Nance Appliance

Nance dental appliances prevent moving and shifting your teeth into a specific place. While there are several appliances, a nance appliance has a very specific function and is commonly used to expand or rotate your upper molar to a particular place and position. One of the most common use is as a space maintainer to prevent upper molar drifting forward. You should consider visiting the biscayne park orthodontist to learn more about the unique and different dental appliances that can help you correct your smile.

How does a Nance Appliance work?

The nance appliance fits with the mouth’s roof with bands placed on the upper arch of the two back molars. Also, a wire connects the band, and a small piece of acrylic is located at the center of the wire.

The Nance Button or nance appliance is an oral device often used as a space maintainer between the two teeths. If your child loses their upper teeth too early, their molars may move forward and ruin your alignment. The Nance button is a holding device that prevents the permanent molars from shifting, ensuring they remain in the correct position. This orthodontic device has a u-shaped acrylic plate that fits comfortably on the palate. Therefore, if your child losses or misses teeth at an early age, you should consider visiting the best orthodontist in Miami to have a nance appliance.

Are there lifestyle limitations with the Nance appliance?

Patients with the appliance should be cautious while they brush to prevent gum irritation or bleeding problems. They should practice good dental hygiene and avoid drinking carbonated beverages; avoid earring hard or sticky food because they might damage your dental appliances.

Who Benefits from a Nance Appliance?

Nance appliances are usually used on children because when they lose baby teeth, you need to restrict teeth moving forward. They are more effective way when the children are still growing. Because your tooth moves due to tooth movement and pressure, they start moving if they find any gap. That’s why you need some appliance that can restrict your teeth’ movement.

When the nance device is used, your molar is held back with some pressure so that other teeth are free to erupt. If a child has removed the nance appliance, they should remove it when participating in sports activities. Other than that, it is advised that nance is worn as often as possible.

The length of nance is required and mainly depends on the condition of your child’s teeth because the dental appliance is fitted to the roof of the mouth and loops around the teeth towards the back rather than the front. It isn’t visible to others. Yes, it might feel bulky at first, but they start feeling safer and smoother as time goes on. You even can’t feel them; they become part of your mouth.


If your child loses baby teeth, they have a higher chance of moving their molar teeth. So, you should consider picking orthodontists Miami fl to know what is best for your child’s dental health.

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