What Problems With Impacted Teeth Lead To Wisdom Teeth Removal?

10 June 2022
Wisdom Teeth Removal

According to an orthodontist in Hialeah, you may require wisdom teeth extraction if the impacted teeth result in problems such as

  • Trapping the food particles and debris behind or between the wisdom teeth.
  • Aching pain
  • Gum diseases or infections
  • Damage to the surrounding bone or nearly tooth
  • Complications with orthodontic treatments and procedures to straighten other teeth
  • Progression of a fluid-filled cyst around the wisdom tooth

Why do dental specialists perform wisdom tooth removal?

Many people have impacted wisdom tooth or teeth, which are teeth that don’t have enough space to erupt or mature correctly in the mouth. The orthodontist Miami explains that Impacted wisdom teeth may only erupt partially or not. An impacted wisdom tooth can create several problems, such as

  • Growing at an angle to the other teeth as if the wisdom tooth is lying within the jawbone.
  • Developing at an angle towards the back of the mouth
  • Erupting at a weird angle towards the next tooth
  • Developing straight like any other tooth but staying trapped within the jawbone.

How does wisdom teeth removal prevent future dental problems?

The value of extracting or removing impacted wisdom teeth that aren’t creating difficulties is a cause of debate among dentists. With impacted wisdom teeth, it’s impossible to predict future dental issues. According to wisdom teeth removal cost Miami, The justification for prophylactic extraction, on the other hand, is as follows:

  • Even if you don’t have any visible symptoms, your wisdom teeth could still be infected.
  • It’s often difficult to reach the back tooth and clean it properly if there isn’t enough room for it to erupt.
  • Surgery can be complicated for adult or older people, and complications might occur following surgery.
  • There are fewer common complications with wisdom teeth in younger adults or teenagers.

How to prepare for wisdom teeth removal?

The operation will take place in your dentist’s office. Your orthodontics Aventura dentist may refer you to an oral surgeon if your tooth is badly infected or if the extraction necessitates a more extensive surgical procedure. In addition to numbing the infected area with local anesthesia, your surgeon may recommend sedation to make the surgery more comfortable for you.

Mostly, wisdom tooth removal surgery is an outpatient surgical procedure which means you can go home the same day after the surgery. You will receive essential instructions from the hospital or the dental clinic’s staff on what to do before the surgery of wisdom teeth removal Miami and on the day of your scheduled surgery.

How to manage the pain after wisdom teeth removal surgery?

Over-the-counter pain medications

With the help of an over-the-counter pain reliever, such as acetaminophen, or a prescription that you will receive from your bay harbor islands orthodontist or oral surgeon, you manage your discomfort and pain. If they remove the bone during the treatment, prescription pain medication may benefit.

Pressing a cold pack against your jaw may also help ease the pain. The pain will eventually subside as the wound begins to heal. Make sure not to do any activity or eat anything that could slow down the healing process.


We hope the above-given article helps you learn some interesting and valuable things regarding wisdom teeth removal. The above-given information highlights carious essential facts, aspects, benefits, and the need for wisdom tooth removal. For more information related to wisdom tooth removal, please visit ivanovortho.com.

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