Are Six Month Smiles Worth It?

28 June 2022
Six Month Smiles

In the early 20th century, orthodontics have come a long way to find a healthy and clear smile. Braces have shown an increasingly customizable wide range for patients with more complexity than others.

While traditional braces work well to fill spaces between and alignment, however not all patients are concerned with only health problems but with their smile appearances. For this particular reason, your dentist suggests you Six Month Smiles.


Six Month Smiles is a high-tech orthodontic method designed explicitly for teeth visible in your perfect smile. Instead of wearing wired and bracket traditional braces for 24-32 months, patients can expect a quick six-month result, While this treatment can vary according to the case. Six Month Smiles method mostly empathizes with appearance and perfect smile, especially if you are a teenager or older with minor to moderate issues with their smile.

What exactly is Six Month Smiles for?

  • Crowding and overlapping of teeth
  • Significant gaps in your front teeth
  • Off-centred and unaligned teeth
  • Overbite


The process is straightforward and the same as the traditional braces because it gently pushes the teeth into a more aligned way within a shorter period.

After completing a consultation with your dentist, they’ll take a digital scan, intraoral and facial pictures, and impressions of your teeth to create fabricated models offsite. If it fits your mouth, the dentist will calculate the movement needed and develop clear brackets and wires.

Once created, you will come for a second visit to have your wries and bracket bonded, which come in a customed tray so your dentist can place them at the exact place—with hardening light, followed by threading the arch-wire with each bracket.


Like traditional braces, you must come in every four to five weeks to have the arch wires tightened. Treatment can vary from four to nine months and from case to case. And you have to wear a retainer afterwards to prevent your teeth from shifting from perfect to old ones.

The most notable advantage of Six Month Smiles Before And After is time; six Month Smiles may take far less time to complete. However, Six Month Smiles Problems to fix complex bites and severe misalignment, and the primary intention for correcting minor spacing and alignment.

Is Six Month Smiles budget-friendly?

According to Healthline,  Six Month Smiles Cost is typically less than the traditional one, averaging around $3,900 for treatment that includes upper and lower arches; these fees include the 6 Month Smile Cost of retainers required after the treatment.

Remember that cost may vary with differnt geographic locations and your dental coverage.

Also, because it is considered more of a cosmetic treatment, an orthodontist’s treatment can only align anterior teeth and does not change a bad bite; limited coverage may apply.

Keeping them in mind, you want to confirm your Cosmetic Dentistry goals with your dentist before any treatment. Schedule a consultation with the dentist today!


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