Cable Tricep Kickbacks – Are They Effective?

29 June 2022
cable tricep kickbacks

So you’ve decided to add cable kickbacks to your triceps training. Great idea! Cable kickbacks are one of the best exercises out there, and they can be done either standing or seated, depending on what suits you better in the moment. Now that you’re ready to start doing them, though, you may be wondering: Are cable tricep kickbacks effective? Do they actually work? And if so, how do I get the most out of them? This blog post will answer all those questions and more!

Muscles Worked

The cable triceps kickback is an effective exercise for building bigger, stronger triceps. The muscles worked in cable kickbacks are your elbow flexors and extensors; specifically, both heads of your triceps brachii. This exercise will improve the shape and size of your arms by targeting all three heads of your triceps in a functional way. And while they’re considered one of the best exercises you’re not doing, kickbacks will help develop upper-body mass with little strain on your shoulder joints.

Benefits of Cable Tricep Kickbacks

Cable triceps kickbacks not only target your triceps, but also aid in strengthening your core. This is because, in order to properly execute a cable triceps kickback you must contract both your abs and glutes. Cable kickbacks can be great for improving upper body strength, especially if you have a hard time performing standard barbell push-ups or dumbbell kick-backs. You might not think of a cable machine as an effective piece of equipment when it comes to building muscle mass, but it can actually be a great addition to your weight training regimen.

Negatives of Cable Tricep Kickbacks

Although there are some benefits to cable tricep kickbacks, they also have their drawbacks. For example, while cable triceps kickbacks may help you isolate your triceps muscles and allow you to see results faster, they don’t produce as much muscle contraction or work as many muscle fibers. You can achieve more results with dumbbells or cables without any additional equipment. Also, if you do tricep kickbacks on a machine that allows you to lean back, your spine will be partially bent which can lead to serious injury if done incorrectly for an extended period of time. It’s safer to use a fully upright bench when doing these exercises and focus on perfect form over speed and repetition.

Additional Exercise Options

In addition to triceps cable kickbacks, there are other exercises you can do with a cable that target your triceps. Try a French press, which works as well as a bench press but has way less potential for elbow pain and impingement (you’ll also need an EZ-curl bar). Or try a lying overhead triceps extension: Lie down on your back, keeping your feet flat on the floor and knees bent at 90 degrees. Hold a small weight directly above your head in one hand with your arm straight (you might have to adjust cables on machine if it has adjustable settings). Lift weights straight up until forearm is completely extend. Lower weights back down slowly until forearm is almost at right angle to upper arm again.

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