CVI(Chronic Venous Insufficiency): Which One To Opt For Surgical Or Non-surgical Methods?

5 June 2021
Chronic Venous Insufficiency

Chronic venous insufficiency is a kind of ailment that occurs when leg veins are not capable
to transport blood back towards the heart. The main reasons behind this may include:

● Congenital absence of or damage to venous valves
● Venous incompetence from thrombi
● Thrombi formation is primarily caused by venous stasis
● Hypercoagulability
● Endothelial trauma

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The above-mentioned conditions, collectively known as the Virchow triad.

Risk factors of CVI(Chronic venous insufficiency):

There are multiple risk factors that may include:

● Over Age is one of the risk factors since the number of CVI is directly proportional to
● Formation of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) already in family members that causes
valvular incompetence which results in backflow and increased venous pressure also
predisposes an individual to CVI.
● An inactive lifestyle,
● Obesity
● Sitting or standing for extended periods of time increases venous pressure which
addresses it as a risk factor.
● Individuals who smoke.

You can consult a vein specialist in California to know detailed information.

Symptoms Of CVI:

People suffer from CVI due to increased pressure on the legs. They may experience:
● leg discomfort, due to venous hypertension from prolonged standing.
● a burning sensation
● dull ache
● Burden in the legs.
● Leg edema forms due to the injury in the capillary membranes. Skin variations in the
legs can also be noticed due to capillary proliferation, fat necrosis, and fibrosis of the
skin and subcutaneous tissues. The skin looks reddish or brown due to hemosiderin
● Skin ulcers are often observed due to poor blood movement to the lower extremities.
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Vein treatment near me:


Nonsurgical treatments involve sclerotherapy and endovenous thermal ablation.

● Sclerotherapy:

This method consists of the injection containing a saline solution into spider veins or smaller
varicose veins that make them collapse and fade away. Patients will require multiple
injections to get effective results. This varicose vein treatment near me is simple and

● Endovenous thermal ablation:

It is an advanced vein treatment near me san Jose that comprises a laser or high-
frequency to produce high heat delivered to affected veins. This heats up the damaged veins
making them absorb in the body itself. This vein treatment near me in San Diego causes
less pain and faster results. The patients will be able to go back to their normal activities just
after the treatment.

Surgical Treatments:

Only fewer patients are recommended for surgical vein treatment near me la Jolla
that may include vein ligation and stripping, microincision/ambulatory phlebectomy, and
bypass surgery.

● Ligation and stripping:

Usually, this process is performed in combination. Vein ligation is a surgical method in which
a vein specialist cuts and ties off the abnormal veins. Patients recover in a few days and live
their normal lives. Stripping is the elimination process of larger veins by two small cuts. It is
more extensive and may take a minimum of ten days to recover after the procedure. You
can experience bruising for several days.

● Microincision/ambulatory phlebectomy:

It is a minimally invasive method in which small incisions or needle punctures are created
over the veins, and a phlebectomy hook is utilized to extract the problem veins.

● Vein bypass in the leg:

It is similar to heart bypass surgery, just in a separate location. It includes making use of a
portion of a healthy vein transplanted from elsewhere in your body to rearrange the route of
blood around the vein affected by CVI. Bypass in the legs is usually performed in the upper
thigh and only in the most crucial cases when no other treatment is offering effective results.

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