Do Colorful Braces Hurt?

2 February 2022
color braces

Are you someone not getting colorful braces just because you think they hurt? Then you should know colorful braces don’t cause you pain. Yes, it is true. If you are someone looking for Purple Braces because that’s your favorite color you should know that you can get any color on your braces that makes you happy. In this article, we have mentioned all the useful information related to colorful braces that will help you in your future treatment.

What are the colorful things on braces?

Colorful braces are just like traditional metal braces the only difference they have ligatures that make them colorful and different from metal braces. Ligatures are the rubber bands that are placed into each bracket of your braces to make them look attractive and colorful. Ligatures come in different colors that can make fun of metal braces and work to keep the archwire in place with the help of a bracket and also help move your teeth. If you want to know more about ligatures then make sure to visit board-certified orthodontists near me who will help you in many ways understanding the braces.

What is the best Colour of braces?

Are confused about what color braces should I get then you should know there are plenty of braces color ideas available with the help of a braces color wheel that can offer you different exciting braces colors for your customized braces. Here are some best braces colors mentioned below that you can choose from:

  1. You can choose gold, pink, dark blue, green, orange, violet, or turquoise if you have a dark skin tone
  2. If you have bright skin tones you must choose colors like light blue, dark purple, red, pink, or bronze.
  3. You should always choose darker colors rather than light ones for avoiding stains.

Are colored braces more expensive?

The colorful braces are more prone to stains due to the choice of the light color of the brackets, you should always choose dark colors and avoid light shades because they can get stained after having beverages including coffee, shakes, and wine. These braces are more expensive than the other traditional metal braces because they offer you an attractive colorful smile. The cost of these braces is anywhere between $4,000 and $7,000.

Do colorful braces hurt?

No, we have asked several patients about this and found that braces do not cause you pain when they are placed on your teeth so you should not get worried about the placement appointment. You can feel some soreness or may feel uncomfortable because the orthodontist orthodontic wire is involved in the recently placed brackets. This pain can last for a few days to a week.


We hope you liked this article and now you have some basic clear concepts about colorful braces. If you are satisfied with this article then you must visit our website, there you will find the best orthodontist Hollywood fl who will help you in your dental procedure with proper hygiene and advanced technology.

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