Everything You Should Know About Diamonds?

3 January 2023
Lab Created Diamonds

White Diamonds are natural and real. A natural diamond is drilled from the earth’s surface. A real diamond is grown in a lab where gemologists design them the same as a natural-mined diamond.

Many people think that Lab Created Diamonds are not real and are fake. But the truth is that They are real diamonds, and artificial diamonds are grown naturally in a lab. Other than that, they are not mined naturally from mother earth.

These synthetic diamonds are the same as natural diamonds; the only difference is gemologists design them in a lab.

Natural diamond formation happens naturally in the earth’s crust. Therefore the lab-created diamonds are certified using the same process as the natural mined diamonds.

No other gem holds as much appealing charm as a diamond does. Most Diamonds used as gemstones are colorless or very faintly shaded. Diamonds are precious and symbolize forever love for individuals, which is why they are most commonly used in engagement and wedding rings.

And as a result, gemologists evaluate lab-grown diamonds with the same color, clarity, cut, and carat size as natural diamonds. Gemologists design them in the same shapes as natural diamonds, like round, emerald, brilliant, princess, etc.

Do lab-grown diamonds emerge the same as natural diamonds?

Lab diamonds are not the same as natural diamonds; gemologists treat lab-created diamonds in the lab, instead of naturally produced on the earth, like regular diamonds.

This is the only difference between a Lab diamond and a natural diamond. They look and feel the same as a natural diamond. They are available in all shapes and sizes as if they are like actual natural diamonds; if you see a lab diamond and a natural diamond, you will not be able to tell the difference between the two of them virtually.

Their formation includes the pressure and heat over a billion years. In contrast, gemologists create lab-grown diamonds in a laboratory, and their production is done in weeks.

They do not have a big difference. The only difference is that natural diamonds contain little nitrogen, and real diamonds don’t. You may need special tools and an experienced eye to distinguish between a natural and a real diamond.

To check the diamond, you can verify that it is a lab-made gemstone or natural by checking its grading report, or you can ask a known jeweler who has the knowledge to identify gems.

This way, you can also know the diamond’s grade on all 4Cs, including carat weight, color, clarity, and cut. Checking the grading report can assure you about the diamond and whether it is the quality you expect.

Which Diamond Should You Buy?

If you are buying a natural diamond, it is better to buy a natural one. Therefore, you should not consider diamonds as an investment.

Avoid taking synthetic diamonds as an option if at a discount. A natural diamond may be expensive, but it is worth it.


Diamonds are unique and precious of all gemstones. Now, as you know all about natural and synthetic diamonds, Buy Natural Gemstones for long-term investment.

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