How Can A Medicaid Dentist Help Patients Struggling With Money?

28 July 2021
children’s dentist Medicaid

A kids dentist Medicaid is a professional that offers services to the poor people who are not able to afford the medical services. Kids dentist Medicaid is a great solution for people who might not be able to receive oral treatment due to their lower-income for their children. Children’s dentist that accepts Medicaid has great chance to offer medical services to the people with poor income. This will help significantly to the people who may be struggling with finance.

Now, there are those who may say that these particular clients don’t really need any more help because they are already receiving free or reduced dental services. However, the extra help that a kids dentist that accepts Medicaid can provide does not necessarily have anything to do with the dental field.

What Does A Medicaid Dentist Offer?

Dental Services offered by Medicaid:

Kids below the age of twenty-one years enrolled in Medicaid will get EPSDT benefit which means Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic, and Treatment. Moreover, they will receive the following dental services such as:

  • Sustain Oral Health
  • Revive teeth
  • Reduce pain and infections

In addition, if a dental condition is uncovered through a regular dental examination and it requires treatment, the state must also provide the necessary treatment even if it isn’t normally part of what that state covers.

Some of the dental services like:

  • Routine dental cleanings and exams
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Dental sealants
  • Teeth Fillings
  • Dental Crowns
  • Tooth Extractions

Other dental services that are required necessary are emergency dental services.

Furthermore, if you have Medicaid coverage for your kids, you won’t require to pay co-payments for premiums for your child’s dental care.


  • For example, some of the families that the doctors serve may have issues buying food every month. So, in order to help out, the pediatric dentist near me that accepts medical can start a food drive that is strictly for their struggling patients. One of the things the pediatric dentist that takes Medicaid can do is ask the families to sign up if they are in need of assistance. The families can come in during a certain time of the month or week and pick up a bag or two full of groceries.


  • Another way these children’s dentist near me that accept Medicaid can help families with a lower income is by providing them with supplies for school. They can either pay for the supplies themselves or conduct an event similar to the food drive. This person can even solicit help from other dentists in the area.


  • Now, as previously mentioned some people may believe that the extra gestures aren’t necessary. Although, whenever you are going through a financial crisis every little bit helps. So, having someone give them extra groceries and school supplies, would really go a long way in helping them.


  • Not only can a pediatric dentist near me that take Medicaid to serve others, the kindness that is proclaimed can also come back and help the doctor. First of all, it will help them to build up a good reputation with patients. The childrens dentists near me will have a very good standing in their customer’s eyes.

Therefore, if any of the clients ever come across someone who needs dental service, there’s no doubt that they will refer the person to their specialist. The patient won’t hesitate to let others know how caring their children’s dentist Medicaid is. This type of kindness will also allow people to see that the dental specialist doesn’t just care about making money.

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