How Does Teeth Bleaching work?

19 September 2022
Teeth Bleaching

Want a bright and white smile? Brushing and flossing keep your teeth bright and white. But if you still didn’t get that white color. You can choose the tooth bleaching option to make your smile shinier.

It is a cost-effective and standard procedure of cosmetic dentistry to make your teeth whiter and brighter. It is good to use bleaching rather than using methods like veneers, dental crowns, or other methods for tooth discoloration, but tooth whitening is not permanent.

Teeth whitening or bleaching is an easy and affordable process. Your dentist will use whitening products containing one of two tooth bleaches: hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide for teeth whitening. These two bleaches break down the stains into smaller pieces, making your teeth color white and less concentrated. You can use toothpaste too with hydrogen peroxide that will help you make your teeth whiter at home.

Talk to the nearest dentist about Teeth Bleaching Services and processes before starting it at home or preceding it in dentistry.

What are the Causes of Tooth Staining?

The factors that affect tooth staining include:

  1. Age

Age can be a general reason for staining teeth because as you age, your teeth start aging too and can change color too. As you age, your teeth change their color from white to yellow and then a little browny shade. The teeth absorb stubborn stains, which are not easy to remove.

  1. Eating habits:

Consumption of deeply-colored beverages and foods like red wine, coffee, tea, cola, carrots, oranges, and other drinks can cause notable staining over the years. Moreover, sour or acidic foods such as citrus fruits and vinegar contribute to the erosion of the enamel, and then the surface becomes more transparent.

  1. Smoking and drugs habits:

Smoking can make your teeth leave their color because it leaves brownish deposits, and nicotine leaves brownish residues that slowly soak into the tooth structure and cause tooth discoloration. Consuming more fluoride can cause teeth staining, which is not easy to remove.

How to maintain White Teeth?

Simply, you must avoid some beverages and food to keep your teeth white and prevent some acidic drinks. If you have bleached your teeth at home or teeth whitening Houston, you can maintain the results by flossing and brushing daily and visiting your dentist regularly.

Beverages you should avoid such as black tea and coffee, White and red wine, Sports drinks, Carbonated beverages, Berries and other colored foods, Sauces (soy, tomato, curries), etc.

Why Should You Talk to Your Dentist for teeth whitening?

Take a dentist appointment near me and Talk to your dentist because bleaching can make your teeth sensitive if you do not use it properly. If you use bleaching agents for a long time, that can increase your tooth sensitivity.

Visit the teeth bleaching near me dentistry before using it to ensure its cost and effects.

If you have yellow teeth, bleaching will be effective on your teeth, but if you have brown teeth, it will be less effective, and having a gray shade in your teeth will not work.


Teeth whitening treatment is effective for people who have no dental issues. Although if you keep your teeth healthy, brushing and flossing daily can keep your teeth white and healthy too, and it is the best and most affordable way to enhance your smile.

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