How Long Will A Dental Bridge Last?

16 February 2022
Dental Bridge

It is considered safe to think that you will have a teeth replacement, then you want them to look and function as closely to be the real thing as possible. This means you want a solution that will last long. But the main question is that – Is a dental bridge near me right for you? Read on more to know everything about the dental bridge.

What are dental bridges?

If you have one or more misplaced teeth, a dental bridge may fill the gap with one or more false teeth. A dental bridge is generally prepared of crowns on either side of the missing tooth or supporting the teeth and is cemented in place.

A dental bridge will last at least 5-7 years. Along with good oral hygiene and daily professional cleanings, the bridges near me may last for more than 10 years.

What are the different kinds of a dental bridge?

The 4 different kinds of a dental bridge are-

  • Maryland  bridge dental
  • Traditional  bridge dental
  • Implant-supported  bridge dental
  • Cantilever bridge dental

Who needs a dental bridge?

The dental bridge may support that you have a missing tooth. The general causes of missing teeth are tooth decay, injury, or gum diseases. Also, if you are born with missing teeth due to a congenital situation. To get dental bridges near me, one may need to have healthy teeth on one side of the missing teeth.

What does a dental bridge look like?

Usually, the dental bridge available in the dentist office near me looks like-

  • Pontics – It is the false tooth that fills the gaps and bonds to the crowns
  • Abutment teeth – A dental specialist puts the two crowns together on the teeth or the side where there is a gap. These anchoring teeth, or teeth supporting, would be quite dental implants or natural teeth.

What happens in the process of dental bridges?

The one may generally need to have at least two appointments-

  • Preparation of abutment teeth

At your first visit, the dentists will provide the reshape of the abutment teeth. It will extract the enamel and dentin parts of the teeth, so there is room for the crown.

  • Impressions

The dentists will take an impression of the teeth or digital scan. A dental lab uses the scan or mold as a tool to design the dental bridge, crowns, and false teeth. It is a temporary bridge to cover the disclosed area in the mouth while the lab creates bridges.

  • Permanent placement of bridges

At the time of the second visit to the dentist office open near me, the health care will eliminate the temporary bridge and place the new permanent bridge. The dentists would carefully check the bridges and make the adjustments that fit you comfortably.


If you have several missing teeth, then you need to have diverse replacement choices to discuss with the dentist. As there are several benefits of dental bridges, it is important to go for such treatments. Hopefully, the above article has given you complete details of dental bridges. Also, if you are looking for dental crowns near me, do contact our experts!

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