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2 June 2022
varicose vein specialist

Varicose veins occur when the veins become enlarged and twisted in certain parts of the body. This most commonly happens in the legs due to the increased pressure on the veins caused by walking and standing.

By themselves, varicose veins aren’t all that serious, but they can cause a lot of inconveniences and even lead to other complications. For some people, varicose veins show no symptoms that cause alarm and immediate treatment. If this is the case, the treatment is usually done for cosmetic purposes only.

These valves act as one-way gates for low-oxygen blood flowing to the heart. When these valves are weakened, blood can flow back and collect. This mainly happens in the legs, where blood has to flow upward against gravity. This is why varicose veins are found primarily on the legs. The increased pressure causes the veins to stretch and widen.

What is a vein specialist called?

Phlebology is the branch of medicine that studies the anatomy and physiology of the vascular tree. Therefore, phlebologists are the specialists in charge of analyzing and resolving everything related to the body’s veins. They are responsible for finding out if there is any disease in the blood vessels, for example, varicose veins or haemorrhoids.

In the specific case of varicose veins, phlebologists are usually responsible for resolving aesthetic situations, such as purple or red spider veins, pigmentation caused by vessel dilation, etc. Phlebologists implement treatments such as sclerotherapy, laser therapy, pressotherapy, hydrotherapy and lymphatic drainage, among others.

Angiologist is responsible for performing treatments to correct conditions in the arterial system of our body. And finally, medicine has the speciality of vascular surgery, which is responsible for solving, from the root, the conditions related to the “channel” of veins and arteries in its entirety. These doctors can perform operations when the most severe complications of cardiovascular diseases occur, such as phlebitis, thrombosis, leg ulcers and pulmonary embolisms.

Cost of varicose vein surgery

Everything commented on the price of the varicose vein operation is based on contracting the surgery. Before treatment, one must know how much does it cost to get your veins stripped? Their interventions include everything necessary to carry out the varicose vein operation by saphenectomy or complete phleboextraction with the patient’s greatest possible safety and effectiveness, providing an all-inclusive fixed price.

In this way, the patient knows the final cost of the intervention from the first moment. You will find a breakdown of what is included in the price of the operation of varicose veins:

  • Reservation and use of the operating room
  • Single room with companion bed, food and hospitality for up to 1 day for the patient.
  • Postoperative visits until medical discharge
  • Medical fees
  • anesthesiologist fees
  • Nursing team fees
  • Surgical material necessary for the intervention

In addition, the company offers the patient free transfer service for the day of hospital admission and discharge, thus avoiding having to take the car. In the same way, the patient has continuous access to our patient care department, with whom they can solve any doubt or setback.

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