What Are The Causes And Treatments Of TMJ In Florida?

2 August 2023
TMJ face distortion

Have you ever felt that there is too much difficulty in chewing the food or there is persistent pain in the jaw? If yes, then there is a high chance that you might be going through Temporomandibular Joint disorder or TMJ. If this pain has persisted for too long and now you are looking for accurate treatment, then read this article till the end, as this article will describe the main causes and some major treatments of MMJ in detail. To learn more about TMJ disorder and get the best treatment in Florida, consult the best dentists near me.

What Is TMJ?

The Temporomandibular Joint, or TMJ, functions as a particular kind of bridge that connects your jawbone to your skull. This joint facilitates your ability to easily yawn, eat, and extend your jaw upward and downward. The term Temporomandibular Disorder, or TMD, refers to issues related to this joint.

  • Cracking Or Popping Sounds 

Hearing popping or cracking sounds when moving your jaw is one typical TMJ symptom.

  • Jaw Pain And Stiffness 

TMJ can result in jaw joint discomfort or pain, causing it to be challenging to fully expand your mouth.

  • Trouble Chewing Or Biting 

TMJ problems could result in it being difficult for you to effectively bite down or eat meals.

  • Headaches And Earaches 

Because the TMJ joint is so near to the ear and the skull, issues with it might cause headaches or earaches.

What Are The Causes Of TMJ?

  • Teeth Grinding And Clenching 

Teeth clenching or grinding on a regular basis, particularly at the time of sleeping, can put tension on the TMJ and cause TMD.

  • Jaw Injury Or Trauma 

TMJ issues can be brought on by an injury or trauma that affects the jaw region, such as from falling or an accident.

  • Arthritis In The TMJ 

The TMJ can be impacted by arthritis, a disorder that causes joint inflammation, which can be painful.

  • Stress And Muscle Tension 

TMJ problems can be worsened by worry and stress, which can cause your jaw to squeeze or could lead to TMJ face distortion.

What Are Some Effective Treatments For TMJ?

  • Self-Care At Home
  1. Using cold packs to ease discomfort and swelling.
  2. Consuming soft meals to rest your jaw.
  3. Stay away from bubblegum and other difficult-to-chew items.
  4. Using methods of relaxation to ease tension in the muscles and lessen stress.
  • Medications
  1. Ibuprofen and other pain relievers available without a prescription can help reduce TMJ discomfort.
  2. Your dental professional or healthcare provider might recommend medications that relax your muscles to relieve your strain.
  • Dental Treatments
  1. To stop teeth clenching and grinding, your tmj specialist florida may advise using a mouth guard or splint.
  2. Dental modifications to fix biting faults that cause TMJ difficulties.
  • Physical Therapy
  1. Workouts and daily exercises like stretching to increase muscle movement and tighten the muscles in the jaw.
  2. Massage and heat treatment to ease the jaw-related muscular strain.


This article has provided you with how you can recover the ability to regulate your dental well-being and dental hygiene by learning about the underlying reasons for TMJ and researching various therapies. If you experience any kind of TMJ symptom, it is vital to contact the best tmj specialist in florida.

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