What Is The Purpose Of The Pulpotomy Procedure?

19 January 2023
Kids Dentist Miami Shores

If your kid complains of pain when their teeth come into contact with any cold, hot, or sweet substances, pulpitis may be the cause. The leading cause of pulpitis, which is pulp irritation, is untreated cavities. The first indication that your child may develop caries is typically this tooth sensitivity. If, after a dental exam, it is determined that your child has caries that have impacted the pulp in the crown, your healthcare professional will advise having your child have a pulpotomy procedure.

Additionally, Miami childrens dental specialists do it when the pulp in the tooth’s crown is so close to decay that eliminating it will expose the pulp. An X-ray or physical examination of the tooth may be used for this evaluation. They won’t do a pulpotomy if your child has irreparable pulpitis due to dental decay. Your youngster will need to have a pulpectomy or tooth extraction instead.

Are there any risks associated with the pulpotomy procedure?

The pulpotomy procedure is relatively safe, and no significant dangers are involved. According to a dentist for kids near me, if the radicular pulp in the root is unnecessary, pulpotomies shouldn’t be done, and it means that the pulp there should not be contaminated at the time of the procedure and still be healthy.

What happens during the pulpotomy procedure?

The pulpotomy procedure is relatively safe, and it involves no significant dangers. If the radicular pulp in the root is not necessary, then they won’t do pulpotomies. It means that the pulp there should not be contaminated at the time of the procedure and should still be healthy. During the process, at least one parent will be permitted to remain with the child.

A topical anesthetic will first numb the region around the tooth before a local anesthetic is injected. Alternatively, the best pediatric dentist Miami may give your kid some medication. The healthcare professional typically has the last say in selecting the choice. To avoid pulp contamination, the Kids Dentist Surfside will isolate the tooth that needs treatment and remove any tooth decay or the area around it.

Afterward, they will drill a hole through the enamel and dentin to reveal the pulp chamber. The pulp will bleed when the roof penetrates through, which shows the pulp’s ongoing health. If the pulp chamber is either empty and dry or filled with pus, the Kids Dentist Miami Shores cannot continue with the pulpotomy.

What happens after the procedure?

After the surgery, your child can feel pain and edoema. To aid with this, the doctor may recommend pain medication. In the days immediately following the treatment, your dentist will give you advice on the types of food your kid can eat. Your child’s doctor may advise against giving them candy or other sticky foods. It is until the stainless steel crown used to reconstruct the teeth falls out naturally.


The above-provided details will help you learn some beneficial things regarding the purpose and process of the pulpotomy procedure. For more valuable information, please visit vippediatricdentist.com.

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