Why are Synthetic gems more brilliant than natural gemstones?

23 September 2022
Synthetic gems

Synthetic gems are described as perfect in appearance and look more transparent and embellished. They are often better in color compared to natural gemstones.

These synthetic gems look clear and precise because they lack inclusions that make them perfect. The gemologist permeates the stone with no impurities.

Synthetic gems are commonly known as “man-made sapphire or gems” or “cultured gems,” synthetic gems get this name because they are scientifically created or “grown” in a laboratory. There are many gems like Emerald, Alexandrite, Peridot Stone, Beryl, Aventurine, Jade, Jadeite, Bloodstone, Chrome Diopside, Malachite, Red Star Sapphire, Chrome Tourmaline, Green Sapphire, Green Tourmaline.

They typically apply force and temperature to carbon and other elements to form synthetic gems. On the other hand, suppliers find natural gemstones far below the earth’s surface, and finding them is not easy, so they usually do mining to find them.

The rarest gemstones in the world are Tanzanite, Red beryl, Black Opal, Alexandrite, and Painite. These are the rarest gemstones available worldwide, and because they are rare, they have a high demand.

What Are The Advantages Of Synthetic Gemstones?

Synthetic gemstones have many advantages like:

Excellent Quality:

Synthetic gemstones have excellent quality because of their formation, and Gemologists create them just to make them flawless and clean in color and design.

Some people find it easier to procure a synthetic sapphire that is royal blue and loupe-clean than sitting and waiting many days to buy a natural sapphire with the same characteristics from the market.

Great Affordability:

These synthetic gemstones are affordable on a budget as they do not cost so much. Whereas if you compare a natural and synthetic gemstone, a large-high-quality gemstone is extremely expensive than a synthetic gemstone.

Because suppliers procure them naturally and usually do mining to bring them out from the earth’s surface.

On the other hand, synthetic gemstones are easy to make in labs, and gemologists can make those specifications easily as natural gemstones. These are available in a plentiful supply, so you dont need to wait for them.

Environmentally Sustainable:

Natural gemstone is precious, but on the other hand, suppliers perform mining to take them out from the surface. The process of mining natural gemstones and diamonds destroys the environment by causing soil erosion, deforestation, and water pollution.

Therefore, gemologists design synthetic stones with a few chemicals and machines that do not harm the environment.


Sometimes the seller does not tell the original price of the stone, but you can still determine whether it’s natural or synthetic by knowing the price. Large-carat natural stones cost plenty of money, and if you find a multi-carat stone listing for only a little money, then it’s probably a synthetic stone, as a natural gemstone costs a lot.


Know What You’re Purchasing! You can also buy loose gemstones if you want a less expensive option. You can purchase gemstones online if you understand that if you are buying a gem tagged as synthetic or lab-created, you are purchasing a quality gemstone with the same mineral cosmetic as the class discovered in natural gemstones.

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