Why Do We Need To Wear Invisalign, And For How Long?

5 July 2022

Your Invisalign treatment’s duration will depend on several things. One of the essential aspects is how much of the day you wear your aligners. According to your instance, many orthodontists may advise that Invisalign North Miami beach treatment could last up to 12 months. It is impossible to say how long your treatment will last in a universally applicable way. That’s because each patient will have unique problems with their teeth’s alignment.

According to a North Miami beach orthodontist, adults must wear the Invisalign aligners longer than children and teenagers. It is because children’s teeth are comparatively easier to move and are more responsive to the treatment. Adults tend to have less responsive jaws and teeth and have more complex cases, so the treatment takes a little longer in adults.

What should we do to reap the benefits of Invisalign?

You’ll achieve a straighter smile when using your Invisalign aligners as directed. Invisalign has advantages over conventional metal braces (which are stuck to your teeth and constantly working). While you can take out Invisalign during therapy, braces cannot, implying that the patient must wear aligners for 22 hours daily.

Only when your aligners are in your mouth will they be helpful to you. You must train your teeth in a specific manner. Therefore if you don’t maintain excellent Invisalign practices, it could take longer to get the ideal results.

22 hours a day is the key

Miami beach orthodontics specialists customize your aligners to apply consistent pressure to your teeth over time, gradually realigning them. Your teeth won’t shift as much if you wear the invisalign north miami aligners outside the recommended daily time. As a result, you might need to wear the aligners longer than your orthodontist initially planned.

Is Invisalign quicker and more effective than braces?

When examining “how long do you wear Invisalign,” it’s essential to consider how this orthodontic treatment differs from conventional braces. Overall, treatment times for orthodontic difficulties with Invisalign and metal braces are comparable, with metal braces occasionally curing cases a little quicker. However, lifestyle is what differentiates Invisalign from metal braces. Because the aligners with Invisalign are discreet, they may be more practical than braces.

You won’t need to avoid particular beverages and foods or feel self-conscious during treatment. Dental appointments with your orthodontist North Miami during treatment last roughly the same time. Traditional metal braces must be tightened every two to three weeks. During the Invisalign treatment, you must replace the aligner trays approximately every two weeks.

Invisalign aligner trays are pretty strong. If you’re not careful, they could shatter or become lost. You may need extra caution when playing contact sports and eating certain foods. Your teeth may not move as quickly, and your treatment duration may increase if your metal braces break.


We hope the above-provided information will give you valuable insight into Invisalign aligners. The above article highlights the essential aspects of wearing an Invisalign aligner. For further informative details, please visit ivanovortho.com.

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