How Colored Bands Help Braces?

3 August 2022
braces colors

Although this style of brace is frequently referred to as “colored braces,” it actually consists of metal. You can add color using the tiny elastic bands attached to the brackets. Each tooth has a metal bracket attached to it by your pediatric dentist Miami beach using a strong dental cement. They then use an archwire to join the brackets together, and the wire is held in place by tiny bands.

The kids orthodontist near me gradually pulls your teeth into alignment by tightening the wire progressively in various locations. Dentists fit your braces in one or two hours, but each checkup will only take a few hours. Your teeth may feel painful for a few days following the fitting and after each subsequent adjustment. However, the actual fitting itself shouldn’t hurt.

Why do we use colored braces bands?

The two major orthodontic elastics used in braces each serve a distinct function. Small elastic bands are applied to each metal brace bracket to keep the archwire in place. The elastics have a crucial role in performing since the wire significantly impacts how your teeth move. There are different color braces available for you.

Dentists remove or fix these little colored bands using special equipment. They also position larger elastic bands between the upper and lower jaws to help with alignment. This case happens more with children’s braces, which are attached to unique hooks.

These are “inter-arch elastics” and resemble elastic rubber bands you may use at home. Although they are seldom available in various colors, they are typically put on the sides of the mouth and are therefore less noticeable.

How can colored bands make your teeth look whiter?

While braces colors cant actually make your teeth whiter, they can make them appear whiter and brighter. You have to ask your dentist for darker colors like black or dark blue braces colors. Dark colors like purple or deep blue will contrast against the color of your teeth beside the brackets and make them appear whiter. There are also Black and violet braces colors that make your teeth look whiter.

How to choose braces colors?

You might want to stay away from white and clear bands on your braces if you enjoy eating colorful meals like tomato sauce and curries. It is because they might get discolored more easily. Tea, wine, coke, or coffee can all cause stains. Try grey or silver to match the metal brackets if you want a color that blends in but won’t show stains as quickly.

The fact that white braces might make your teeth appear more yellow in comparison is another drawback. Because yellow braces, especially pale yellow ones, can appear stained from a distance, some people choose to avoid wearing them. Similar to that, green braces could be mistaken for some leftover food.


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