Synthetic vs. Human Hair Wigs – Which One is Right for You?

4 May 2022

Both synthetic wigs and human hair wigs have their benefits and disadvantages. It depends on you which one of these two suits best for you.

  • Synthetic wigs. The synthetic braided wig is easy to care for, you can simply wash them and lest them for air dry, and shake them out and the wig will return to its original style. They are also very versatile and offer large color selection options. You can try various color options and styles. Without the need to spend hours in a hair salon. Synthetic wigs do not last as long as natural human hair wigs. A synthetic braid wig is reasonably priced. Having many wigs or changing your style when you get tired of your current look is more cost-effective.


  • Human hair wigs. Human Braided wigs come in a variety of styles and textures, so you can style and manage your hair texture very closely. You can even color many human-hair wigs according to your preference. Human hair wigs feel great and look incredibly realistic and natural. Just like natural hair, you need to deep condition human hair wigs, like your real hair, react to the weather and can become frizzy, limp, or dry depending on the conditions.

Human Hair Wigs

Human Hair Wigs

They make human hair wigs from harvested human hair. So they act, feel, and look just like your natural hair. If you brush your hair too hard, backcomb it, or use heated styling equipment too much, your hair will be damaged. Human hair wigs are comparatively heavier than synthetic wigs of comparable length and design. Human hair wigs are more complex and time-consuming to style and demand more work and talent. Before you wear them, you usually need to trim or cut them.

Pros of Human Hair Wigs:

Real Human Hair or human hair wigs give out Natural Appearance and Feel. You can determine a hair replacement system’s success by its ability to restore the wearer’s natural appearance. As a result, due to its realistic appearance, real human hair is generally the ideal hair system for ladies and men.

Cons of Human Hair Wigs:

Just like natural human hair, you need to clean a human hair wig, deep-conditioned, and restyled it regularly. They are usually more expensive because they are made from human hair. Human hair wigs react to the weather and can become damaged, rough, frizzy, limp, or dry depending on the weather conditions.

Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic hair wigs last far longer than human hair wigs. They are made from man-made fibers.  The most obvious advantage of synthetic wigs is that they are already styled. And the capacity to maintain a certain style regardless of the circumstances. It won’t become flat or frizzy even if it’s humid outside. It will keep its appearance. Synthetic wigs are much easier to clean and maintain due to their devotion and substance to a set style.

Pros of Synthetic Wigs:

Synthetic wigs are cost-effective. They are very popular and stylish and they create a clean and neat look. They don’t take a lot of maintenance. If you’re experiencing health problems and don’t feel well, this is something you should think about. Having many wigs or changing your style when you get tired of your current look is more inexpensive. It’s tough to tell the difference between a synthetic wig and one crafted from actual human hair when buying a high-quality synthetic wig.

Cons of Synthetic Wigs:

Human hair wigs last longer than synthetic wigs. With everyday use, they usually last around four to six months. You cannot recolor synthetic wigs or else they’ll lose their texture and shine., and traditional hair color will not stick to the fibers. They don’t last as long as real hair wigs or regular synthetic wigs, with a lifespan of only a few months. If you are planning to buy synthetic wigs then check the texture and color before you make the final decision.


We hope the above-given information helps you in understanding more about synthetic wigs and human hair wigs. In this article, we discuss the various aspects, benefits, and disadvantages of synthetic and human hair wigs. For more information regarding synthetic and human hair wigs contact



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